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    Artist Maricela Sanchez offers fine art collections, luxury bespoke dog furniture, and design solutions for specific client needs. Maricela, an innovative and creative artist, is the original creator of bespoke pet crates, created in 2012, which have been collected throughout the country. Beautify and enhance your space with our variety of artistic products and add to your collection today. Read More! To see her collections, visit our online store and follow us on Instagram at @Bespokebymaricela for frequent postings.

    “I’ve been an artist all my life and have loved working in a variety of ways. I’m obsessed with materials to make things. I work in a body of series to explore and perfect new discoveries. I love creating new innovations and working with clients I founded Bespoke Crates & Gates in 2012 to find a solution to my home, while working as an artist.” MARICELA SANCHEZ

    We have many favorites, but some of our top sellers pop up unexpectedly. Use our navigation bar to explore our amazing collections!

    “You can forget about the price because my work will last a lifetime… if you treasure them like my clients protect them.  My work won’t strain your bank account… think of them as an investment. You will be able to leave them as an inheritance or gift them to your favorite museum.” MARICELA SANCHEZ

    “Because I make artwork in many styles, mediums and work in a body of series, my collectors keep collecting. Often times they want something new, something they can’t find. Our interaction inspires me to create. It’s so much fun to shift, explore, climb ladders and take leaps.” MARICELA

Recent Updates!

April 22, 2020

Spring Inspirations

I recently spent time at Flatbed Press in Austin, Texas producing new work with a fresh feel. I was inspired by nature, my love for flowers and butterflies. I love making prints… I love nature… and

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Primavera IV
March 24, 2014

Oil Splash In Houston

Last week I spent time in Houston. I love to see the creativity and to live within it.

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oil splash
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